April Newsletter


A belated Happy Easter to you all ! In England it is the Easter Bunny (not the Easter bells) who delivers the Easter eggs, so I hope that he was generous to you and your family and not put off at all by all the late frost we've been having.

In this edition of our monthly Newsletter:

  • Holiday workshops – a reminder about our April and summer holiday workshops.

  • KidooLand in a nutshell

  • Playgroup – sign up now for the open day on Thursday 12th April.

  • Boost your English - anytime & anywhere with a quick word association game.

  • Taking inspiration from Canadian schools, where children start each day with yoga & meditation.

  • Antonia recommends for parents AND littlies… SOS Dino is a great board game for all the family!

  • A few ideas for things to do this month…

Happy reading!


If you have not already reserved your child's places for the April and Summer holiday workshops, please get in touch ASAP to avoid disappointment!

Full details about dates, themes & activities, tarifs and discounts are available via our online holiday brochure...

KidooLand is not just a destination for younger children, we also offer a great AdoLand programme for 11-16 year olds. This summer's programme includes architecture, photography and journalism as well as a new K'ELITE programme "Leaders in training". Download the brochure for full details.




Or in this case, a handy diagram! For those families not familiar with the full range of lessons and activites we provide, here is an infographic aimed at showing you how your children can progress through the different classes as they grow up and as their level of English improves.

If you are not sure which activites or classes would be best suited to your child, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to advise.

Enrollment in KidooLand for September is now open to all!


We have been running Playgroups for 11 years and these have been so popular we added 2 new levels this year. There are now 3 levels Rainbows, Explorers and Kindergarten.

If you have a child age 2-5 years old then please request the playgroup brochure playgroup@kidooland.com

Our next open day will be on Thursday 12th April at 9h30 and at 13h. Reserve your place today and come along with your child to discover KidooLand for yourselves!

BOOST YOUR ENGLISH... Anytime & anywhere with a quick word association game!

Whether you're driving in the car, waiting for a meal in a restaurant or stood in the queue at the Post Office, a quick word association game is a great way to practice and improve your English vocabulary:

I say "sport", you could respond with... basketball, football, netball, swimming, hockey....

I say "animals", you could respond with... cats, dogs, frogs, tigers, giraffes, crocodiles...

I say "stone", you could respond with.... rock, pebble, boulder...

I say "something you sit on", you could respond with... chair, stool, sofa, bike, floor,

Choose your starting word based on your child's ability level and then just do it for fun or turn it into a competition by awarding 1 point for each winning word your child thinks of! Then swap round and let your child test your vocabulary too!!!


Yoga and meditation have been used in Canadian schools for more than 10 years now. They are primarily used at the start of the school day in order to help calm children so that they are then ready to learn.

Yoga and meditation can help children physically and emotionally (calming worries, managing emotions, teaching about empathy and altruism) and schools have also noticed lower levels of violence and aggression amongst their students.

If you'd like to try a meditation with your child, this short & simple meditation is a great starting place: "La petite grenouille."

At Kidooland, we've wanted to be able to offer d