March Newsletter

Hello ! We have so many exciting things going on at KidooLand this month! Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who took advantage of our special re-inscription period earlier this month and reserved their places for September 2019. We are grateful for your ongoing confidence in our positive teaching methods and delighted to be able to continue this journey with you! Enrolement for September 2019 will be open to everyone from 1st April and we will be sure to give the links you need to sign up online then. In the meantime, don't forget to sign up for the April holiday workshops. Places are limited so sign up ASAP to avoid disappointment! There will also be a PLAYGROUP OPEN DAY on Saturday 30th

Technology's role in Early Years Education

Our children have been born into an ever changing digital world. This can be very scary for parents as it is so different from our own childhoods! There is a whole digital world waiting to be explored by our children, some aspects of it are obviously more appropriate that other aspects: from interactive learning toys, robotic toys, early years computers and calculators and read aloud books to apps aimed at children almost from birth now available for our tablets, smartphones and smart TVS. It is for us as parents to determine what, when and how much we would like our children to experience all of this based on their age, previous technological experiences and your wishes for their developmen

Singing with your Preschooler

Singing is something many parents feel more than a little self-conscious about! However, songs and nursery rhymes are a fabulous tool for helping your preschooler develop a range of skills and are great fun too, once you shake off the feelings of self consciousness of course! Here at KidooLand, we frequently use simple songs and nursery rhymes as well as dance and movement songs to help teach children of all ages English and/or to reinforce and revise vocabulary. We've added a list (at the bottom of this article) of some of the other ways in which singing can help your child's development in the early years and beyond, but we'd also like to give you a few tips about how you can incoporate si

World Book Day – a great opportunity to read together again!

The virtues of reading with children has been documented numerous times over recent years and studies say that you can’t start too young! Reading to infants is one of the most effective ways of building the language neural connections in a child’s brain and aids cognitive development. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, can also boost vocabulary and reading skills years later. Besides the academic and developmental benefits, reading to your child is a wonderful way to bond, fosters intimacy and well-being. Reading together is also calming and the child benefits immensely from feeling loved and receiving positive attention in this way. World Book Day is a charity initiative, desi

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