At KidooLand we don't charge extra for imaginary friends ;-)

When I was little I had an imaginary friend called Tom (from Tom Thumb) ..we had a lot of fun playing together and occasionally getting into high jinx together .. he was quite naughty sometimes and used to write my name on walls lol. He also had to sit at the table with us and eat supper.* ..I also had an imaginary dog .. and when we went out and about I'd take it for a walk holding an imaginary lead in my hand. My mum played along and tells me it was all harmless fun. She suspects it was really because for 5 years I was an only child and though I went to Playgroup a couple of mornings .. school didn’t start until 5 .. so instead Tom and the Dog joined me at home in an imaginative adventur

Technology: Good or Evil and what can you do ?

Our children are being born in to a world which is, technologically at least, completely different to what we knew as children, even as teenagers and whilst technology can bring with it an array of solutions to help make our everyday lives easier, the impact this exposure has on our children needs to be considered carefully. Smartphones are now the norm and which of us hasn't used a smartphone game, app or streaming service to keep a child entertained in a waiting room, at the restaurant or on the plane. Many toddlers of 2-3 years old are even able to navigate around on smartphones and tablets to access these apps, games and cartoons for themselves!! (KidooLand do NOT recommend this before 4

February Newsletter - Winter fun at KidooLand: holiday camps, Parent & Toddler sessions & CE

Hello ! February is going to be a really busy month here at KidooLand.... - CEO News - Antonia's new blog... Themes our MISSION, our VALUES & our ORGANISATION in 2020 + Boost your English, a free new resource. - HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS in February: our last availabilities + registration open for April & Summer. - KIDSCARE, a fabulous new app that facilitates communication between parents and teachers. - TIME FOR YOU to be a good role model with our new new adult conversation class has been added to the timetable in Villeneuve-Loubet, every Thursday, 12h15 (outside school holidays). - WEDNESDAY mornings: a couple of availabilities in Vallauris. IMPORTANT DATES CIV prep classes end on 7th March We'v

Kidscare - un outil de communication chez KidooLand

Nombreux d'entre vous connaissiez cet outil innovant, utilisé déjà par de nombreuses écoles dans la région, mais KidooLand était un des premiers établissements privés à adopter cet outil en septembre 2019. Maintenant, chaque semaine nos enseignants utilisent la fonction cahier de vie pour vous informer sur les activités effectués en classe chaque semaine et les devoirs à faire avant le prochain cours. De votre coté, en tant que parents, vous pouvez nous informer des absences de votre enfant, signaler qui est autorisé à venir chercher votre enfant et nous poser vos questions administratifs et pédagogiques. Pour plus d'informations, regardez cet entretien d'Azur TV avec Sandra Beraudo, une des

Disponibilité pour les Stages d'Hiver

Voici nos toutes dernières disponibilités pour les vacances d'hiver 2020.... une fois qu'elles auront été réservées, nous serions au COMPLET! KIDOOLAND VALLAURIS * Préparation aux test internationaux - Sartoux (Grande section à CP) 2 places dispo, matin uniquement la 1ère semaine. * English is Fun 2 places dispo, après-midi uniquement pour des enfants de 4 à 6 ans la 1ère semaine. 1 places dispo toute la journée et 1 place l'après-midi uniquement pour des enfants de 6 à 7 ans la 1ère semaine. 2 places dispo l'après-midi uniquement pour des enfants de 8 à 12 ans la 1ère semaine. 1 place dispo à la journée et 1 place l'après-midi uniquement pour des enfants de 4 à 6 ans la 2ème semaine. 1 pla

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