Comment est-ce que les enfants apprennent l'anglais à KidooLand?

Des parents francophones ont peur de transmettre leurs erreurs en anglais à leurs enfants. C'est grave? KidooLand peut les corriger? Comment est-ce que KidooLand apprend l'anglais aux enfants? Pourquoi les jeunes enfants disent qu'ils n'ont que joué à KidooLand?? Est-ce qu'on peut venir tester les cours d'anglais à KidooLand? Notre directrice Antonia répond à vos questions... Pour plus de renseignements, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter par email et/ou demander un RDV.

Holiday fun at KidooLand!

We are all aware of the advantages that speaking fluent English can bring to children during their school years and beyond into adult life, regardless of their final choice of career. Here at KidooLand we have been running creative and positive English classes for children for over 11 years now and our experience has also clearly shown that children learn best in fun, creative, positive and stimulating environments. That is why we have developped a series of programmes designed to accompany your child from birth to 16 years that will enable them not only to learn English, but also to have fun at the same time, to learn about positivity, to have confidence in themselves and their abilities an

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