Can you honestly put your hand up and say you never pretended to be a princess or a warrior, a racin

" I truly believe that learning should be fun especially for children. If we take the traditional form of learning and mix it up with creativity, exploration and wonder we capture not only the attention of the children but their naturally inquisitive minds, we tend to see a sparkle in the eyes and a hunger to learn more becomes apparent, and that is why drama and theatre are so incredibly important to us as tools for learning. As a teacher of foreign language, I have looked in depth at the ways language is taught and so many methods come back to drilling target language – forcing children to repeat words, phrases and poems in order to learn parrot fashion. But what about allowing the childre

Mieux q'un iPad + organisation au mieux Thoughts & Views & CEO News

Hello, Un de mes objectifs personnels en 2020 est de "s'organiser rigoureusement", c'est un travail en cours mais je suis heureux de dire que même en 4 semaines nous faisons de grands progrès en tant qu'entreprise et aussi à la maison ;-) Comment nous vous avons aidé? La brochure est déjà en ligne pour les programmes de vacances février 2020 | avril 2020 | juillet 2020 | août 2020 est prêt ... thèmes déjà fixés ;-) Vous pouvez déjà regarder et réserver vos places ;-) Je ne pense pas que cela se soit jamais produit auparavant. Donc, si vous aimez planifier, comme moi ... pour être sûr que votre enfant est sur le programme thématique de son choix pour les dates de votre choix - vous pouvez m

Organisation & planning- Thoughts and views & CEO News

Hello, One of my personal goals in 2020 is to get "rigourously organised' it is a work in progress but I am pleased to say even 4 weeks in we are making great progress as a company and also at home ;-) How we have helped you? .. . The brochure is already online for the holiday programmes February 2020 | April 2020 | July 2020 | August 2020 is ready ... themes fixed already ;-) You can already look and book your places ;-) I don't think that has ever happened before. So if you like to plan, like I do ... to be sure your child is on the theme programme of their choice for the dates of your choice - you now can do that. Please don't come to me at the last minute, it is always so sad to tell y

January Newsletter - Happy New Year! Read on for free English learning tips, info about 2020 holiday

Hello ! The team here at KidooLand and I would like to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year! With the beginning of this new decade, lets continue together along the path towards a bilingual future with our range of lessons, sessions and activities for everyone, from 0 - 99 years! As always, please feel free to share this newsletter with your friends and family! This month, read on to learn about: - Our PARENT & TODDLER programme in Vallauris and Villeneuve-Loubet, including our new "Mum & Baby" sessions centered around baby weaning in Vallauris with our new leader, Anna. - Registration is open for all our 2020 HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS - February, April and the summer! Places a

Mission & Valeurs 2020 - Thoughts and views and CEO news

Bonjour, Une nouvelle année a commencé - c'est la bienvenue ;-) Chez KidooLand, nous avons hâte de vous aider cette année. Je pense vraiment que nous n'avons jamais été aussi bons pour enseigner l'anglais. Chaque jour, j'ai appris et appuis sur des expériences et je les ai partagées avec l'équipe .. c'est beaucoup de jours d'expérience depuis notre ouverture en février 2007 ;-) Nous parlons régulièrement en équipe, partageons des idées et avec de plus de 20 personnes c'est beaucoup d'expérience et d'idées. Cette équipe solide et expérimentée ne signifie que de grandes choses pour vos enfants. Encore de meilleures leçons, des idées plus interactives. Au cours des 13 dernières années

Mission & Values 2020 - Thoughts & Views and CEO news

Hello, A New Year has started - it is very welcome ;-) Here at KidooLand, we are looking forward to this New Year. I truly feel that we have never been better at teaching English. Every day, I have built and learnt from the experiences and shared it with the team.. that is a lot of days of experience since we opened in February 2007 ;-) We regularly speak as a team, share ideas and now we are over 20 to work on the team that is a lot of experience and ideas. This experienced strong team only means great things for your children .. even better lessons, more interactive ideas. In the last 13 years, we have helped more than 6,000 children become bilingual. We are very proud of that. I am con

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