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One of my personal goals in 2020 is to get "rigourously organised' it is a work in progress but I am pleased to say even 4 weeks in we are making great progress as a company and also at home ;-)

How we have helped you? .. . The brochure is already online for the holiday programmes

February 2020 | April 2020 | July 2020 | August 2020 is ready ... themes fixed already ;-)

You can already look and book your places ;-) I don't think that has ever happened before.

So if you like to plan, like I do ... to be sure your child is on the theme programme of their choice for the dates of your choice - you now can do that.

Please don't come to me at the last minute, it is always so sad to tell you I can't take you.

Every client is important to me and I just can't find extra places at the last minute as it reduces our impact and quality for those that did plan and book, so please don't ask me to ...

Right now , here in Jan/Feb I'm giving you the chance to be organised like me ;-) DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE


Over the December break and since .. I have had time to think about the future of Education. As I mentioned last month, Finland is of great interest to me right now and I listen with frustration but also a little hope to Sir Ken Robinson to how the Western Education systems must change.