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Mission & Values 2020 - Thoughts & Views and CEO news

Hello, A New Year has started - it is very welcome ;-)

Here at KidooLand, we are looking forward to this New Year.

I truly feel that we have never been better at teaching English.

Every day, I have built and learnt from the experiences and shared it with the team.. that is a lot of days of experience since we opened in February 2007 ;-)

We regularly speak as a team, share ideas and now we are over 20 to work on the team that is a lot of experience and ideas.

This experienced strong team only means great things for your children .. even better lessons, more interactive ideas.

In the last 13 years, we have helped more than 6,000 children become bilingual. We are very proud of that. I am convinced that our approach of positive, interactive learning is something that needs to happen in school. The results we see from even young children is so encouraging.


In the last 12 months we have

  • developed a much more structured training programme for new teachers and a clear onboarding programme. This helps them become the Leaders we need and of course helps your children.

  • We have put in place technological systems that will help you the parent and your child such as Kidscare - we are the first non government structure to purchase this for our families. Through this you can easily contact us to let us know if there is a problem or to see the work that has been done at KidooLand.

  • We launched an Online course called "Boost Your English" which is free . Feedback has been really good. We keep adding new content to LINK HERE and plan to do more in 2020.


Now we are able to offer English closer to Nice as we opened the new structure in Villeneuve Loubet Village. Just 5 minutes from the Polygone shopping centre in Cagnes Sur Mer, and so close to St Paul de Vence and St Laurent du Var we hope to be able to really help even more children speak fluent English.

Access to the outside ...We look forward to enjoying this area even more with it's museums, theme parks like Canyon Forest, the castle and more .. Forest School is also a really fun activity we have introduced here for children not yet at school.


We will be working on all our processes and coursework to review, reset and renew . This means look at what we are doing and make sure it is the best it can be, if it isn't how can we improve?

We will continue to look at global education for the best ideas and bring them back to the Alpes Maritimes, to your children. Finland is of great interest to me right now - learning should be a pleasure and it just doesn't seem to be that way in school right now. That has to change.

At KidooLand we focus on our Mission and I thought it would be good to share this with you so you understand why our programmes are conceived the way they are.

As a team we also clarified our Values . Again as you will see this reflected in the weekly and holiday programmes you need to know what they are. So here are our top 8 . By leading from the front we hope that your children learn and live these values too. In fact we have some important projects coming up in 2020 that we hope you will support and be part of.

We wish you all health and happiness in 2020 and a bumper year of English.

Kidooment yours,

Antonia Beauvoisin Brown

CEO of KidooLand by KidooKid

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