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Positivity the key to success, useful apps, bilingual study & Thanksgiving.

November Newsletter


Autumn is here or “Fall” as they say in America – I love this time of year where the leaves turn golden! As I am part American we have a family Thanksgiving tradition ..we had a fabulous moment with the grandparents down to the toddlers, uncles and aunts and all the cousins this weekend sharing some gratitude with one another and thanking them for kind actions – why not try it over sunday lunch next time you are together it is very powerful!

I will be sharing more tips and tools for you to use in our free facebook community group Please join if you want to hear more and want to share with us.


I thought you might be interested on this study – Bilingual toddlers have advantages;-) I knew that which is why we moved to France but now you can have bilingual toddlers too!


I am not a huge fan of Screens + Children but I accept they are here to stay for the moment so how can we use them positively and proactively.

One way is learning English .. here are some recommendations:

For 4-6 year olds Gus on the go: English .. currently 4.99€

For games and educational Apps PBSKIDS

Tell about this – For older and Anglo Kids this app has fun stimulating images that children can record their descriptions to. Perfect if you are preparing for the International exams.



KidooLand methods are based on methods that use positivity. We see great results when we encourage children to do their best, for trying, for participating. That they build up self confidence and are proud of themselves.

Some methods we use are by setting realistic expectations and encouraging children to have a go even if they make a mistake.

Life is so busy and it’s very easy after a long day at work to see a “bad mark” bad evaluation and criticise the child for the lack of homework or revision. This could be doing long term harm and does not necessarily motivate them to work harder.

Your child may feel black and doom even depressed.

You need to help your child turn this thought around, give them hope for the future ..”OK so you didn’t do as well as you wanted in the test” What can you do in the future?

Encourage your child to find solutions.

Help your child find the path and steps to success.


For the Diary

1 event for this month .. the Christmas Photo Shoot - book directly with bilingual Marie if you would like a Christmas photo for your child .. I was thrilled with my teenagers photo last year .. the pack comes with Christmas Cards of the photo!

I would like end with my own thanks to you all the clients who have supported me and KidooLand over the last 10 years. It has been a great journey that is continuing stronger into 2018.

Many thanks

Antonia BEAUVOISIN BROWN Managing Director of KidooLand

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