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Baby massage with Julia Edgeley homeopath in 2017

Julia Edgeley will be back in KidooLand once per trimester for babies and their mums.

Jan 23rd 10h30-12h March 20th 10h30-12h May 22nd 10h30-12h

15 euros / session

reservation essential / payment in advance non refundable.

Benefits of Baby Massage;
  • Increased immunity

  • Relaxation - reducing stress hormones.

  • Increased alertness and awareness

  • Growth & Development

  • Pain relief

Baby Massage & Bonding

Bonding is a natural raport that occurs between parent and child. Fathers, sometimes feeling left out, or simple a nappy changing machine, can find massaging their children before they sleep a great opportunity to connect with their child much like the intimacy of breast feeding.

Research has also found baby massage to be of great benefit to mothers suffering with postnatal depression. Regularly massaging creates a moment away from what can be a period of stress after labour.

Baby Massage & Growth

Research trials have been carried out and many hospitals in London train nurses in baby massage. It found that regular massage of premature babies helps to increase weight gain over a short period of time.

For full term babies, massage helps enormously in growth and development. Regular massage encourages development of the nervous system leading improved co-ordination.

Baby Massage & Sleep

Masssage for both adults and babies reduces stress hromones in the body at the same time and increases the release of happy hormones. This leads to relaxation, improved sleep, as well as increasing immunity.

Although you can massage your baby at any time, it is best just before you put your child down to sleep, some of my mum's prefer this in the morning others prefer evening, this in entirely up to you and your baby.

Baby Massage & Colic

I teach specific massage techniques to help relief pain and discomfort of colic. The causes of colic can be vast and will change from case to case but massage helps to inprove digestion as well as increase the release of pain relief hormones in the brain.

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