My family and other animals ..Adopting a refuge dog - what I didn't know..

So we moved to the country a couple of years back .. with this came a large garden and suddenly I found myself wanting lots of animals .. now you didn't know me when I was young but I wasn't a huge animal fan ..

In the 80s I had Harry the hamster but he used to bite me and was basically quite boring in the day so I sold him for a fiver (5gbp). My sister got to look after the class gerbil which went OK until he died of a heart attack :-( and then we won fish in the local fair which was great until we had to clean the tanks which quite frankly I found disgusting and so used to do this with washing up gloves on!

One day when visiting the property of a super rich sheik with my Dad who was doing the legal work

for him .. I said oh I love your horses "Take one " he said generously, "My gift to you" .. well after recovering from the shock my Dad said no way so we settled on a couple of rabbits (he must have been breeding them, there were hundreds) ..which were pretty wild but we enjoyed them for many years until my cousin forgot to close their pen and they escaped into the fox lined gardens around gulp !

I was really quite scared of dogs having been bitten by an Alsatian when quite small so after the rabbits left the animal journey stopped.

So roll forward 25 years to life with kids and an Enid Blytonesque feeling here in the "arriere pays". I was keen to not pass on this dog fearing, rubber glove wearing approach to animals I had and bravely started down the animal route again.. we have had Flapjack and BooBoo the rabbits, both male who unfortunately wouldn't happily share their hutch and run so we had to invest in separate duplex accommodation for them! More recently Smudge a very confident floppy ear rabbit who thinks he is part cat .. has until recently (read on!) had the run of the house, roof and rabbit run.

We have also had Coco the cat and her babies and then a dog.

In true Tom and Gerry style the cat brought in the mice, the dog chased the cat and Coco really didn't