Make a BF BFF through mum and Baby/Toddler activities

Why did I Set up KidooLand and it's Mum and Baby Clubs?

In 2007, Great Britain, America and Australia were leaders in offering a whole range of activities for the under 3s. France wasn't!

When I arrived here in 2004 with a baby and toddler on each hip I started looking to join up to classes so I could entertain the babes and meet other mums...where they could paint in someone else's place than on my own walls (yes that happened!)

From music, to tumble tots, yoga to dance, art to pottery painting the list in endless .

Don't paint at home paint at kidooland

Imagine my shock when actually there was no Tumble Tots in the village hall, no sing and sign in the church hall ..there were a few English mum and baby groups but a good drive away ..nothing on the scale of the UK at nothing on my doorstep .. well there was ..the Baby group in the local PMI did operate but as I wasn't a teenage mum I just didn't fit in really!

I needed to meet other parents share the trials and tribulations in those oh so long days when hubby was of in the relative haven of work.. so I did meet Steph (who I am happy to still know these days!) in a local ludotheque in Cagnes Sur Mer but we quickly outgrew their playtent and tidying up their thousand piece puzzles my toddler accidently opened up was a bit of a bind..

I also was lucky to meet one of my very best friends Faye in a mum and baby group in Vence and tried another in an American Church in Vallauris which was simply overwhelming as there were hundreds of mums and I just couldn't get the confidence to go again..anyway neither of these run anymore.

This really led to my idea to set up KidooLand ..I wanted a friendly safe place big enough we could do a variety of activities but small enough you could make friends and not do a runner. So I went around contacting the mairies, churches, village halls etc etc and none of them were willing to lend their space! Basically I had to take on my own space (and huge rent!) make it safe for babies and kids and throw oven the doors to you all.

In the last 10 years we have had a ball .. it is a real perk of my job to meet your precious bundles it practically always bring a tear to my eyes at the special-ness of the moment and how lucky I am to cuddle your babes while you run to the loo. Like a mum with a babe said this week .. we try to keep things laid back- there's a changing table, bottle warmer, places to feed baby ..we want you to feel welcome and happy to come back.

I have tried to put into a place a range of activities which have varied enormously basically depending on which teachers were available at that time. We had mum and baby yoga with Alia, Baby Music with Sandrine, Art with Parenfant and Melina from Folie en Tete, we did Baby signs with Heather a qualified Speech therapist and now we have performer and dance teacher and creative genius Sian who is opening up the doors to a fantastic world of imagination, creativity and movement and dance.

I am super proud when I see those questions circulating on Facebook " Where did you meet..?" on Facebook and lots of you say KidooLand..that's great ..

MAKING A A BF-BFF .. (BreastFeeding BFF - or bottle we don't judge!!)

Meeting other mums and mums to be is essential for your sanity in those eary months .. it REALLY helps to know that someone else is up at 4:13 a.m. with a screaming baby .. or someone to bounce off about teething and just laugh with on nappy explosions!! Having a BFF on that journey who is close by is so important join our club and make a mate...

There aren't the same NCT or LAMAZE groups here where you can make those essential friends for