20 months - 5 years
"Rainbows"    "Explorers"    "KinderGARTEN"

​Our Playgroups are an English daycare for your baby and toddler preschool. A place where he can learn and grow at their own pace.

Our bilingual leaders set up fun activities such as art, cooking, games, gym, dance, gardening and more.

Our proven methods ensure that once they have finished their time with us, they are ready to start high school. In this way, we can really focus on your child.

At the end of his year with us, your child will be ready to start school, happy and confident in himself with all the basics for an easy start.


From 20 months

This gentle yet fun programme is for many, their first time away from Mum and Dad. The small group, gives your child the confidence to enjoy a variety of fun activities such as painting, physical development, story time and reading, messy play, dancing, cooking, singing and lots more.


The children learn to express themselves , make friends and interact with other toddlers and start to become more autonomous.

We use a variety of educational methods that we have studied and practised to bring an interactive programme such as Montessori for Practical life skills, jolly phonics for early sounds and language skills all within the structure of an Early Years foundation skills environment. 




From 30 mois 

This programme enables children to create, discover, investigate and explore their environment. We do this through our fun stimulating theme based activities which include:

Beginners phonics, music and physical movement, science and mathematics, sensory discovery, cooking activities, creative arts and much more.

Our aim to help your child become confident, happy and independent and master the skills to successfully integrate into Pre-School’s K1 class “Kindergarten”



For older children who are not choosing to go to school right away, we are introducing the next level Kindergarten (K1-3).

This is the next step from EYFS and follows the International Primary Curriculum entirely in English.

This will be available every morning Monday - Friday 9-12h with a maximum of 8 children per group. Like now, there will be the Principal teacher and the assistant.

Additional activities will include Phonics and handwriting skills, musical appreciation and we take the English learning to the next level using the Cambridge YLE curriculum.

This group is also perfect for French families that may be thinking of joining a bilingual programme from CP primary and indeed taking the test as we would be preparing them for that too.


After Kindergarten, children can enter our English is Fun and Anglo programmes.