Alternative bilingual schooling options

We recently blogged on the more mainstream private and semi private options available here in the Cote d'Azur. This article considers the less conventional option but increasingly popular Montessori system.

Alternative Curriculums French / Bilingual

There has been a strong growth in less traditional curriculums such as the Montessori approaches. Getting back to basics , ridding our environment of plastic , understanding the world we live in has to be applauded.

I have been lucky enough to participate on many Montessori learning workshops particularly in the 0-3 and 3-6 year cycles as I wanted to better educate myself on the methods.

I have to say I really enjoyed the courses and implemented several of the practical life techniques at home and was pleased to see some of the equipment available in our French primary school! Read more on Montessori training and methods HERE

Sadly personal circumstances prevented me on doing the 6-12 year cycle which would have been very useful at home mais que sera ..If you haven’t seen it do check out the kit for explaining pythagoras theorem which blew me away and the techniques for the world maps puzzles are great– they should be in every school!

Other Kidoo team members also completed Montessori training so we have been able to include some of our favourite elements into our own International Playgroup , purchased some equipment for maths and practical life skills.

Interestingly, after a lot of discussion and observation, the team at KidooLand decided that the Early Years Foundation skills (as followed by the majority of UK toddler centres ) offered in English and French better prepared our clients' children for a mainstream classroom. The EYFS activites lent themsleves better to learning languages and developing the early language skills.

So we major in EYFS and minor in Montessori practical life skills and it has to be said we love the world of makebelieve fantasy and imagination which can be lacking in some 3-6 year Montessori programmes!

There are many pluses to home schooling , Montessori and Steiner ..

- working and playing at the child’s speed and rhythm

- creating a non competitive positive environment

- nurturing those with special needs thus making for a happier child.