Thanksgiving - A unique celebration or a gimmick?


Many of us grew up seeing Thanksgiving in the Hollywood movies and so we could be forgiven for thinking it is just a commercial gimmick . It's history goes back to 1621 with the Pilgrims who left the UK for the USA and had lots of challenges. This celebration was a uniting between the native Indians and the Pilgrims to give thanks, be thankful and celebrate around a great meal.

Personally I think unlike Christmas which has become over the top commercial, Thanksgiving remains one of the celebrations that in this modern new world we live in is exactly what the doctor ordered.

My grand mother "Grandma" was in fact American, born to an Irish family living in Boston and so I have always felt strong connections to my American friends and family. Although I wasn't raised celebrating this tradition as a mum, I felt a much deeper connection to my Irish, American and French roots and tried to incorporate their cultural festivals into our family calendar.

When is it?

The third Thursday of November. In 2020 this will be Thursday 26th November.

I reinstated a Thanksgiving tradition in my own little family to ensure that we celebrate our American roots and also take a moment to reconnect in this busy world. Sometimes we've done this with the wider family from grandparents down to grandchildren and sometimes it's just my little family.

What to eat?

Well there are no rules in the Beauvoisin-Brown house .. traditionally it's Turkey, mashed potato and cranberry sauce but we have a couple of vegetarians so we do nut roasts and other delicious alternatives. We like to make an occasion of it with a nicely laid table but keep it low key and laid back too.

What to do ?

Unlike Christmas in the majority of households that celebrate Thanksgiving no gifts are exchanged . This is one of the reasons I truly believe it isn't a commercial event. The gift is more giving thanks from the heart.

After we are all settled we like to take a moment to have a chat with one another and really give thanks to each and every person present (or even those that couldn't make it) and remind each other of the happy moments we are thankful for. It is such a beautiful thing today and this year more than ever is perhaps one we should all take time to do.

2020 was so hard how can we be thankful?

It's true as I personally know both on the professional and personal side that this year has been the most heartbreaking and challenging of my life. I am naturally an optimist but even this year has had me beat in moments but it is precisely that that I have had to grab onto that this will pass, to be thankful that we have go to this point, that the sun still shines, that I managed to grow some tomatoes and for the first time this year a sweetcorn.

Thankful that though it was enforced, I had some really quality time with my little family where we got to know each other again, play board games, redecorate rooms and that in what had been a really busy crowded life I was given the gift of time to really look at what was important and what wasn't.

Grateful too to all the clients who did support us in the hardest of times by joining us on zoom, sending wonderful messages of support and continuing to register with our services and finally grateful to my team who have been aboard the KidooLand ship in the most turbulent of storms

Resources for you and your family - What is Thanksgiving.

Different videos to explain it to children of different ages HERE

Quarantine thanksgiving ideas HERE

Vegetarian ideas for Thanksgiving HERE

So have I convinced you ? Does the idea of giving thanks seem like a positive event and not a commercial one ?

I would love to hear if you enjoy Thanksgiving or other traditions and celebrations in your household. I truly believe that right now positivity is what the world needs and being grateful for what we do have, hover small is a great starting point.

Enjoy :-)

xx Antonia

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