Thanksgiving - A unique celebration or commercialisation?


Antonia here! At KidooLand we are embracing diversity and experiencing many of the wonderful celebrations that we celebrate globally. Today we turn our attention to the USA and their tradition of Thanksgiving. Many of us grew up seeing Thanksgiving in the Hollywood movies and so we could be forgiven for thinking it is just a commercial gimmick, a way to sell more but actually it's one of my personal favourites of the year.

It's history goes back to 1621 with the Pilgrims who left the UK for the USA and had lots of challenges. This celebration was a uniting between the native Indians and the Pilgrims to give thanks, be thankful and celebrate around a great meal.

Personally, I think that, unlike Christmas which has these days become over the top commercial and has lost its meaning and message, Thanksgiving remains one of the celebrations of this modern new world that is exactly what the doctor ordered.

My grand mother "Gran'ma" was in fact American, born to an Irish family living in Boston. After spending her first couple of years in the USA, she then traveled on a boat age 4 years old all the way to family in Ireland . Sadly she lost both her parents while very young and was raised by an Aunt but I always felt she was proud of her American passport and where it all began.

Later she moved to the UK where she trained as a nurse and during World War II she made some American friends who she used to often tell me about many years later, I feel like she was making her own connections back to where here parents were .

It was actually in hospital where she met my grandfather who was her patient and the rest as they say is history.

What is fun about technology is that all this time later we have been able to find out so much more about her early days in America even getting photos of the boat she left the US on.