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Summer Newsletter

Hello !

We hope you are having a great summer - we are having a blast with you children her at KidooLand!!! If you haven't already done so, do join our private Facebook group so you can see the photos from our stages for yourselves...

In this edition:

- Programme & info for September for both Vallauris & Villeneuve-Loubet

- Summer holiday workshop availability update (only a couple of spots left for the week 12-14/08) and info ref. October/November school holiday workshops.

- News from KidooLand Villeneuve-Loubet


Annual closing: 15th - 25th August 2019.

Open day on Wednesday 4th September at both Vallauris & Villeneuve-Loubet (10h-16h).

Please don't hesitate to share this info with your friends, family and colleagues!!

Classes start Saturday 7th Septmber.



The summer has barely started but as parents, your mind is already looking forward to Septmeber and "back to school" and KidooLand would be honoured to continue the journey towards a bilingual future with you and your child this year.

A bilingual future is a beautiful gift that for your child, because regardless of the profession s/he chooses, speaking fluent English will of massive benefit. The sooner your child starts to learn English, the easier it will be and the better the accent s/he will have too.

Our Vallauris programme is shown below, full details of this programme are available on the new "Vallauris" webpage and of course, you can still consult and download our traditonal brochures too.


The renovation works at KidooLand Villeneuve-Loubet are well underway and will be completed, ready for us to welcome you in September for the start of a year of adventures in English together....

The KidooLand team is of course always available to help if you have any questions about any of our classes or activities. Please don't hesitate to give us a call (09 52 26 87 74) or send us an email (!


Summer is not even over, but yes we are indeed starting to plan for the October/Novermber Toussaint holidays. We will publish all the information about these holiday workshops in September so that you can get organised, book your place early and avoid disappointment!

In terms of summer holiday places, the only spaces KidooLand Vallauris has left is a couple of spots for the week 12 - 14th August. If you are interested, please contact us directly for information and reservations:


As you can see from this photo, the renovation works at KidooLand Villeneuve-Loubet are advancing well. Everything will be finished during the month of August, which will enable us to be ready for the 1st week of September.

This new center of 100m2 will have 3 rooms and will also enable us to do "classes vertes" (forest school classes) in the beautiful parks just outside our door.

With great access and parking facilities in the heart of the village, near to local schools, 2 minutes from the river and nature park and just 7 minutes from Amadeus, some of our clients have already contacted us to enquire about transfering their September enrolements from Vallauris to Villeneuve-Loubet.

KidooLand Villeneuve-Loubet is surrounded by hairdressers, gyms, a Pilates studio, restaurants and some great shops, alla t a few minutes walk from us inVilleneuve-Loubet village. Polygone Rivieria is also just 5 minutes away by car, so parents are going to have plenty to see and do here whilst their children learn English with us ;-)

For further information about our new centre: /



KidooLand is like a big family and we are all working together to give your children the best possible start in life. For ideas and tips, please do check out our weekly blog posts or join our facebook and instagram communities.

The KidooLand team is of course always available to help if you have any questions about any of our activities. Please don't hesitate to give us a call (09 52 26 87 74) or send us an email (!

I hope to see you at KidooLand soon!

All the best,

Antonia Beauvoisin Brown

Managing Director of KidooLand

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