September Newsletter - Extra, Extra, Read all about it! Reserve now for the October school holiday w


We normally only send one newsletter per month, however, the October school holidays are fast approaching (5 weeks and counting!) and so we felt it was pertinent to - just this once - send a quickl newsletter to let you know that you can now reserve places for the October-November school holiday workshops.

  • Registration is now open for the Oct-Nov School Holiday workshops!

  • Reminder: Adults are now also welcome at KidooLand this year. Join us for relaxing Yoga or Pilates and improve your English at the same time!

  • Azur Training are organising a weekly kickboxing class at KidooLand on Mondays at 17h30.


Even if the children have only just gone back to school, parents will soon need to be thinking about the October-November school holidays in five weeks time, from the 22nd October until 2nd November to be precise. As usual, you can count on KidooLand to organise some interesting and entertaining workshops for your children...

1st week, 22nd -26th October (5 days) Theme: How to train your... dragon/unicorn

2nd week, 29th - 31st October (3 days because there is the 1st Nov bank holiday) Theme: Hotel Transylvania... Welcome to the KidooLand Hotel.. Service Please! with a big halloween party on the afternoon of Wednesday 31st.

We have extended our programme of workshops this year, but all our programmes will follow these themes, that are loved by the children, in different ways.