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June Newsletter


That's it everyone, one month and counting until the schools break up (even less for those with children in 6ème and up), but before then, we all have to survive the whirlwind that is the month of June. Full of Kermesses, dance shows, sports demonstrations and of the course the last minute rush to sort out and fill up the 8 long weeks of the "grandes vacances"! If you still need to find some great activities to keep your children occupied this summer, look no further! Read on to discover KidooLand's programme of holiday workshops for 4 to 16 year olds as well as a few hints and tips for the month ahead.

Our BIG news this month is that we have the keys for our new premises! 190m2 of additional space for birthdays, events, early years, theatre and more. Activities for adults in September will include Yoga in English, Pilates, Dance and English conversation. Drop off the children and learn English yourself! Follow our progress with the hashtag #kidoolandisgrowing #kidoolandgrandit

In this edition of our monthly Newsletter:

  • Spotlight on... AdoLand and the summer workshops aimed specifically at teens!

  • Holiday workshops – a reminder about all our summer holiday workshops for youngsters.

  • French classes for your children at KidooLand.

  • Sign up for September!

  • KidooLand is expanding...

  • Coming soon... the all new KidooClub!

  • Boost your English.

  • Antonia recommends for littlies…

  • A few ideas for things to do this month…

Happy reading!


There are still a few spaces left for our AdoLand programmes. At AdoLand, teens have 2 options:

1.) Adoland Classic Workshops for teens aged 10-16.

A great programme full of activities with several excursions per week, all in English of course and all designed to keep teens happy and stimulated. Vallauris / Sophia Antipolis.

2.) K'ELITE "Leadership in Training"


For teens thinking about working with children in the future, why not join the K'ELITE programme and see what it's really like to be an "animateur". The K'ELITE programme is divided into 3 levels, with level 1 accessible for teens 12 and over. The teens will learn what it's really like to work as an animateur, including learning about issues such as health and safety, good leadership skills, positive encouragement, best practices for dealing with children etc..


KidooLand is running holiday workshops for children aged 4 - 14 years throughout the summer holidays, with a range of themes to excite every child.

Workshops will involve a whole range of creative activities, including cooking, singing, arts & crafts, sports, lego workshops and much more. All IN ENGLISH!

Workshops are being held both in Vallauris and, during certain weeks, at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Valbonne Sophia Antipolis. For more details, dates, themes & activities, tarifs and discounts, please download our online brochure.



This is a first for KidooLand!

KidooLand has partnered with Véronique Christ at French Access in order to offer French language classes for children aged 6 to 9 years old.

There is just one week of French classes this year from 9th to 13th July.

Please contact Véronique for more information or to reserve a place.


Inscriptions are open for September, so do take a look at our website or contact us today in order to reserve a place for your child. Here are a few examples of what the English is Fun groups have been up to just recently...


As you may already have heard, KidooLand is expanding from its existing premises and we've just got the keys for 190m2 of premises just beside our existing Vallauris center. This is a daunting but exciting project - listen to my recent podcast about "feeling the fear" as we begin on this new adventure.

Once the renovation works are done, we are going to be able to expand our programme significantly, adding birthday parties, childrens and adult yoga and pilates classes, dance classes, English conversation classes for adults and much more.

We are also increasing the number of playgroups that we run and we will also be renovating our existing premises, including the creation of various zones (Lego zone, Ado Zone, Zen Zone etc.) - so much is going to happen over the summer at KidooLand so watch this space!

COMING SOON... The all new KidooClub!

KidooLand will soon be launching KidooClub, a free annual loyalty club open to all the 500+ families that sign up for one off or regular activities at KidooLand. Our idea is to re-create a village feel by linking our families with local, high-quality businesses, service providers and activity centres. We'll be creating a dedicated KidooClub portal on our website with news about all the different promotions on offer and we'll also be encouraging KidooClub members to tell us about their experience of using their KidooClub cards all throughout the year on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

We really want KidooClub to represent the values of KidooLand: family, respect for the environnement, positivity, creativity and building the confidence of our children. So, if you own or work for a business who shares these same values and would like to become a KidooClub partner, please get in touch now:


Kim's game is a great game for boosting memory skills and vocabulary, is very quick to set up and is asy to vary according to the age and ability of your child. Depending on what vocabulary you want to practice, collect together 10 to 15 small objects and place them on a tray. Allow your child to look at the objects on the tray for 1 or 2 minutes then ask the child to turn away before removing and hiding one item. When the child turns back around, they have to identify the missing item.

Ideas of objects:

- Practice animals by raiding the toy box for animal figurines.

- Practice colours by collecting toy cars of different colours.

- Practice naming general household items: toothbrush, cup, fork, knife, keys, necklace.....

- Practice clothing using doll or Barbie clothes (coat, skirt, dress...)

- Practice names by using family photos: Mum, Dad, Grandad, Auntie...

- Practice foods by raiding the playfood box: apple, pear, tomato...

Variation for older children: instead of removing one item from the tray, simply cover the tray up after the 1 minute observation period and ask the child to remember and name all the objects on the tray.


June 17th is Father's Day and children love preparing suprises for such occasions. Here are a few inspiring and easy to make home-made gift ideas that we've found around the web for your family:

1.) Personalise a new tool for Papa with Sharpies!

What a fabulous and super easy Father's day card.

Actually for this one, you don't even need to download one of the templates, simply give your child a piece of plain paper cut to the right size for the chocolate bar you've purchased, and the child can decorate the whole thing themselves!!


The highlight of the month of June has to be the annual Fête de la musique on Thursday 21st June. Launched in 1982 by the French Ministry for Culture, the Fete de la musique is celebrated enthusiastically in all French cities, towns and villages. The events are free and are great fun so keep an eye on our Facebook page for full details about musical events that will be taking place in and around the Cote d'Azur this year.

That’s it for this month’s newsletter. If you have any feedback on what you’ve read, please don’t be afraid to join in the discussions in our Facebook community we would love to hear from you!

All the best,

Antonia Beauvoisin Brown

Managing Director of KidooLand

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