Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


First of all thank you for all the attention and the gifts that you have offered to the team for this end of the year.

Very appreciated - they work hard to serve you and feel appreciated!

We wish all families a good holiday season full of health and happiness. We end the year on a "high point" because 2 team members share the workload of Antonia, which allowed us to better serve our customers and follow up. Keep reading, to see why she needs more free time!

This year has been a great year for us at KidooLand. Not only did we celebrate our 10th birthday, but

this month, Antonia won a Business and Community Service Award: "Business Person of the Year 2017". This was awarded to her by the Riviera Business Club and was a great honor for her and the team.

We convinced CASA to help us become better green citizens. They agreed to give us a big recycling point! Now, some excellent projects are planned for 2018.

This month we recommend

Antonia says "If your child is going to use a screen - make it an worthwhile!" She now always ask her friends for ideas .. here are the next 2. " - Learn to read - Hale's Tale Learn to read To read.. Positivity is the key to success in schools but also at home .. read this French ARTICLE with top tips. To watch This is my favorite Ted Talk of all time (I think!) All parents must watch it. This version is explained with a cartoon - even my teens enjoyed it!


ENGLISH FOR ADULTS You want to speak English? New year, new challenge, new development. 2 places left .. Mondays 12:00 to 13:30. Special price if booked before this Friday: 13 sessions 325 euros TTC. Classes run from January 10 to April 16, except during holidays. Prices from January 415 € TTC. Contact us for more information.

ENGLISH AT HOME DURING HOLIDAYS - Preparation for international tests. Our Cocoon program is available to download directly from our e-shop. more information, what's included, rates etc. Here's the link or go direct to our