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December Newsletter from KidooLand

Hello Kidoo's

Here is our team December message and information while you Deck the Halls with boughs of Holly – this is my favourite time of year – do I say this every month??

This month we share some

  • So British Christmas ideas,

  • educational applications for children

  • evaluations in schools is it positive for children?

  • NEW download workbooks to prepare for International Tests the online

  • NEW English for Adults


You have chosen to expose your child to English – to help your child even more, join our free online community where you can exchange with more parents and families like you!

Here we post ideas and events to encourage you to develop English more.

For members who come regularly each week this is where we will be posting what we covered in class topics and themes so you can carry on at home!

Important: I have also posted information on how to get your child’s end of term evaluations (dates / times) for Wednesday and Saturday English is Fun classes and the ‘meet the teacher’ moment and Christmas Party in this group .


If you want to make a Christmas Cake or have some inspiration for Christmas decorating ideas … you need to do it now! Antonia made the Tropical Cake this year – we will see!


Lizzy Park’s Park’s Christmas Carol Service with the BIG BLAZE CHORUS great for teenagers and a very British Christmas Fair in Antibes details in our group JOIN ITS FREE


Finally there seems to be talk about making the life of our children a more positive environment just like we try to create at KidooLand.

My teenage daughter in 4eme had the very problem outlined in this article regarding a dictation just this week ..10 errors a point taken off for every error and yet 90% of her text was correct. The score doesn’t reflect the effort and the level of correctness.

We are fixated on the average of the grades in class and probably more focused on the low score than the high. This article is an example of how we could be better helping our children to improve, understand where they are going wrong and giving them guidance on what to do next.


NEW from January English conversation for Intermediates +/-.

Mondays 12h00-13h30 come in your lunchtime bring your sandwich!

The focus will be on conversation building confidence when speaking and listening.

Maybe you are owed some training or if you have your own business can invest in yourself before the end of the financial year.

Special price if booked before 15/12/2017: 13 sessions 325 euros TTC.

January 10th – April 16th excluding holidays

Price from January 415€ TTC.


Claire Mottershaw Vins Sans Frontiers VSF Fine Wines and Champagnes LISTEN HERE

Vonny Marshall Edwards Vocal Coach – Voice Kids The Voice LISTEN HERE

Christine Kjedelberg – Pilates and Nutrition LISTEN HERE


Antonia says “If your child is going to use a screen – make it worth while!” . So I have been asking my parent testing friends for recommendations .. here are 2 more..

Dinosaur Chess … a great game and so good for developing the mathematical brain.

Kahoot - here’s a great game to enjoy with your child over the holidays as you can build one together!


Dance in English for 3-4 year olds Wednesday 15h30-16h30

New Playgroups opening in January on Monday and Friday for 2-3 year olds. Last spaces.

2 places in “English is Fun” Saturday morning for 4 year olds starting in January. Trial must be done in December.

Toddlers Planning for 2018 now online

Stage Vacances for February – Inscriptions open now. Reserve with 75 euros deposit.

We have last places on Wednesdays in English is Fun.

We hope you have a great December and that the preparations for the holidays go well!

Kind regards

Antonia and the KidooLand Team.

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