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Arts Ambassador Cote d'Azur

It is great living in the South of France with the endless blue skies, beautiful countryside and the mountains and Mediterranean isn’t it?

If there was anything I missed coming from Brighton and London in England I would say it was some English Culture and by this I don’t mean Sky TV!

Of course France does have excellent culture particularly in this area after all Picasso, Monet and their artistic friends were all regular visitors to the area. We have some splendid monuments to visit and historical sites right on our doorstep with just a short ride away across the border cultural delights such as Florence, Rome and in the other direction Barcelona. Yes we are lucky I know.

If you know me well , you will know I set up KidooLand as a means to ensuring my own children had access to bilingual activities once we moved to France. As they grew older I then co-founded a Performing Arts Theatre troup so they could develop and enjoy their passion of being on stage.

The moments where we are in the theatre getting ready for show night sends excited (and scared!) shivers down my back it is such an exhilerating place to be.

So recently with my expat multilingual mum's hat on, I was actively looking for an English cultural experience that didn't involve a short flight to theatreland and my path crossed with Kate from the Art Alliance Organisation. It felt like it was a sign ... suddenly I was in direct contact with the organisation who produce and distribute Event cinema across the globe.

Their reach is wide, with live opera and ballet shows from the Royal Opera House, dynamic Art exhibitions from some of the aforementioned great artists, and some spectacular live screenings of some of the very best performances from London's West End such as Billy Elliot and Warhorse to name a few that were screened in 2015.

So what does this all mean to you and me living and visiting the French Riviera .. it means that we can go to our local cinemas in Valbonne, Beausoleil, Nice, Vence and more and see some of these fabulous live screened events without an Easyjet flight in sight!

We have International Culture right at our fingertips, here in the sunny south of France. Who would have thought it?

Well I am thrilled to be part of it. Thrilled to be one of your local Arts Ambassadors. Thrilled to have a mission to share this enriching experience with you and your families so that you too can be part of this culture revolution.

Final Screenings in 2015

The Nutcracker performed by the Royal Opera House in London. Put it in your diary for December 2015!

Coming soon in 2016

Goya - Visions of Flesh and Blood: Xavier Bray on Location SHORT VIDEO CLIP

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