March Newsletter - Registration for September and don't worry, imaginary friends are always free

Hello !

What an amazing fortnight we have just had. The level of creativity and imagination was fabulous and the weather just pefect.. We worked and played indoors,in 600m2 of space in our 3 centres, and outside in sporting facilities and local forests and parks.

March looks like it is going to be another month full of adventures too...

- CEO News - Antonia's Imaginary Friends & Technology Good or Evil?

- HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS - registration open for our holiday workshops in April, July & August!

- REGISTRATION FOR SEPTEMBER 2020 - Enrolement opens at 10am on Monday 9th March for all our current members :-)

- KIDOOCLUB - check out out newest partners and offers, including Aygen Training!



A number of you have already asked for information regarding registration for next year and so we are very pleased to be able to confirm that..

Registration opens for existing members

from Monday 9th March at 10am until Tuesday 31st March at 4pm.

Registration opens to the public on Thursday 9th March at 10am.

Those who are already familiar with KidooLand's approach will already now that regular and consistant practice is required to progress in language learning. That's the reason why we are offering a large programme of weekly classes again this year, including 3 levels of English is Fun, Excel in English and 3 levels of class dedicated to preparing for the international section tests.

At KidooLand, each child will be given a place in the right classe for them, based on their age, their learning needs and their level of English.

Whichever programme you chose, our educational philiosphy is always very positive. We involve the children in a variety of interactive activities and workshops so that the learn and thrive. Children have fun at KidooLand, which enables them to learn naturally and with a better accent!

If you wish to continue along the road to a bilingual future with KidooLand,

don't hesitate to visit our website f