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Stages Ado - KidooAdo Summer 2017

ADOLAND PROGRAMME SUMMER 2017 The programme is a blend of activities throughout the week. Our team work hard to ensure the teens make friends – they are usually sad to say goodbye at the end of the week! We run it as a week long programme as linguistically we build on learnings throughout the week.

· Challenges, teamwork, projects, presentations all in English. We work together to create a team, build skills. · English work and Interactive projects such as creating a podcast or radio show, a video for you tube, a campaign for Instagram or local newspaper – All in English. We will be divided into groups according to age and level for some activities and balancing ages and levels for others. · We hope to run teen awareness eg bullying, self defence, 1st Aid – to be confirmed. · Conducting interviews on our outings with local tourists, gathering research on why they came here. · Cultural visits e.g. museums and art galleries where possible in English · NEW Community awareness for the Older generation, disabled, animal welfare , the environment etc in English though some of the association leaders may be French · Fun outings like Salto, Sailing, Bowling, Laser Quest etc Your child will receive a certificate at the end of the week detailing what they covered. These essential skills and projects can then be included on their CVs and applications for colleges and universities later in life.

Outings Once per week we go to Nautipolis. This is one of highlights of their week they love this outing for swimming challenges , some fun on the slide and some beach volleyball. There will be one fun outing per week generally the Friday. This may start at lunchtime to allow the teen to have a lie in and will go into the evening so we can really enjoy ourselves. This is something the Teenagers love for example Sailing, Paddle Boarding and a reason to work hard for the week.

COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERING AND RAISING AWARENESS Every week as part of the weekly programme, we will spend time thinking about making a difference to other people's lives. The projects will change each week and will vary from conservation to fundraising to the environment to caring for animals. The aim is for the young people to make a difference, to change things for the better and have fun! The teenagers will have to volunteer their time and get involved in raising awareness of certain causes. At the end of the week we will provide a certificate so that the teenager can use the experience on their CV and application forms in the future.

TRANSPORT For outings we use public transport. One it is cost effective – they will need their bus fare or their bus card as this is not included in our rate. Journeys are taken of course with our teachers. It is also an essential skill for a child to learn some autonomy and how to conduct themselves in a public place. We ask that all children behave as they should while waiting and when on the bus, that they are polite to the driver and passengers. No loud music or eating and drinking on the bus etc. They need to buy their own ticket – some children are not used to speaking to people they don’t know and again this is an important skill. They will certainly appreciate you driving them from A to B when they see the challenges of public transport, waiting for a bus etc. We try to continue working even on the bus so they may have some work to do together , a postcard to write, some arguments for a debate to prepare etc. TEMOIGNAGES Chère Madame, je voulais vous remercier pour cette très belle semaine qu'Hubert a passé avec le groupe et l'équipe d'Adoland. Hubert a été ravi et aussi content d'avoir fait la connaissance de vos enfants.J'espère que l'année prochaine Hubert aura l'occasion de renouveler cette sympathique expérience à Adoland. Julien a été enchanté par cette semaine avec vous. Mille mercis ! Il reviendra lors d'autres vacances scolaires !! As you know, Christine participated for two weeks and I can say that both she and I are 100+% satisfied with results. I trust Kidooland/Adoland because I have been working with you for many years now and I see the great results and the professionalism. OUTINGS AND DATES The final prices with the organisations is still being validated. If they haven’t changed their rate then neither will we and the cost will be 370 ttc for activities. Bus fares and lunches are extra. Normal times are 9-18h but some Fridays may be From Lunch until 21h to allow us to have some fun! Dates 3-5th July if enough demand 10-13th July (pro rata 4 days) 17-21 July 24-28 July 31july-4th aug 7-11th Aug

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