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KidooLand: 1890 Chemin de Saint Bernard 06220 Vallauris
Tel: 04 93 64 53 54
Email: info @ kidooland . com

We have a new new staff portal!!

iClassPro is our new CRM and client communication tool from September 2023.

We are going to use iClassPro to manage the whole client experience:

* Client enquiries & enrollments

* Policy acceptance and management (e.g. contract signatures & photo authorisations)

* Class set up: schedules, registers & staff allocation

* Student follow up: e.g. attendance & evaluations

* Staff schedules & substitutions

This is just a few on the functionalities of iClassPro! 

Here are some key links and how to guides to help you get started with iClassPro. 



Via your web browser (ex. chrome / safari)

Smartphone app

What Do I Need to Know About the Staff Portal Mobile Interface?

How Do I Record Attendance in the Staff Portal?

(We will be printing paper registers as well as a back up in September!)


Sending your Weekly Emails to Students


iClass Pro is a suite of multiple portals: a staff portal, a client portal and an office portal. 


Using the main iClassPro office portal, you can also send your weekly messages to parents quickly and easily. We (and other iClassPro users) are hopeful that teachers will soon be able to send messages directly via the Staff Portal, but this feature won't be ready for September. 

If you are using a LAPTOP you can access the office portal by clicking on the Office Portal link located at the bottom of the right hand grey menu (see above). For the full how to, please watch the video below ;-)

If you are using a TABLET/SMARTPHONE, you will need to connect to the iClass Pro office portal directly (there is no easy link in the app version) using this link: 

ATTENTION > If you are using a TABLET / SMARTPHONE you will need to connect directly to the office app first before then following the procedure outlined in this video for sending your email blast.

Office Portal Direct Link: 

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