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English Programme for Bilinguals


On Saturdays we run the AngloKids Club. The age and level of this group is perfect for children in Grand Section hoping to take a test for an international section. While we can make no guarantees we will try and include typical activities that they may encounter.


In the holidays we welcome lots of bilingual and advanced English speakers and try to group them together. SEE HERE


AngloKidoo Club

  • My child speaks fluent English

  • My child is age 4-7 years

  • I want my child to enjoy a group where others have an advanced English level too.

  • English is an essential skill to have for my child's future

  • We are considering the International Baccalauriat, CIV, University abroad etc.


If you can answer yes to any of these statements then the  AngloKidoo Club is for you!


The AngloKidoo Club is specifically for  English Speaking children aged 4-7 years where children enjoy different activities such as : Drama, arts and crafts, games, creative expression, reading,  phonics, music and much more.



While we are having all this fun we are of course building on and developing essential linguistic capabilities as the activities are specifically designed to work on the most important and necessary skills for children of this age including key communicative skills, creative and social skills. We are keen to improve on pronunciation with fun phonics and reading  and spelling skills (for older children)


The AngloKidoo Club is also an ideal way to meet other bilingual  children, as for parents to join a network where they can share their experiences.


The essential skills acquired in our funtastic club are taught by experienced Anglophones in small classes and in our bright and comfortable environment.



Easy access, free parking !


* Sign up is for the trimester ..if you can't make it one week you can sell your session on to another English speaking friend...

Please email for the programme



  • 3 groups sorted by age: Maternelle, Primaire and CM2 college.

  • Mixed levels, starter to bilingual

  • No more than 10 children per group

  • Leaders brought up in an Anglophone environment or country.

  • Supervision during lunches and breaktime.

  • Weeklong formulas, not individual days.

  • Places can only be reserved by filling out the inscription page and paying a deposit


Testimonials: English is Fun, Activity Programme & AdoLand

Max has had a great week at Kidooland ... He is almost 10 years old, and had a great time discovering English. The team is very friendly, young and professional.  Thanks to the whole team and  also for the photos. Experience will definitely be repeated next year 

Josephina & Max's mum …. KidooLand Activity Programme (translated from French)

My son will finish his second week at the Country Club of Kidooland Sophia this week  and I wanted to tell you, it was a fantastic experience ... this is an ideal setting for children of his age. This place is really fabulous, from the inside rooms to all the outdoor sports and games  and also the great welcome from the team.  Leo is really pleased with how thins have gone. He tested out sports he didn't know. He loved  these two weeks so much that he was moaning  when was the weekend because he  couldn't go!!  I hope you have the opportunity to repeat the camps at the Country Club in Sophia, be it for half term or the summer holidays.  Leo will happy to go back . 

Leo's mom ….KidooLand Activity Programme (translated from French)

My son has had a lot of fun here he said "I haven't seen the time pass" especially with his interactive leader John.  The hotel setting is beautiful with lot of activities on offer, we would love to do this again! thank you 

 Alexander's Mum ….KidooLand Activity Programme (translated from French)

Lou came for 2 weeks this summer and Theo for 1 week. They had great fun at the Kidooland Sophia Country Club. For example, Lou never wants to go classic holiday camp at school but is really happy to go to Kidooland every summer. As for Theo, initially he didn't want to go because he felt too old  (12.5 years) iand had a great time. Thank you so much Kidooland, especially the leaders who are really great and thank you to Sophia Country Club for welcoming these children, it is 4* place … 

Lou and Theo's Mum …..KidooLand Activity Programme   (translated from French)
Hello, I just wanted to say that Caesar really enjoyed his week with you. He has gone away now  until early August and I think the Adoland will have eneded by the time he comes back but he will happily join them again next time so please keep us informed of your  future teen activities

Caesar's Mum Adoland (translated from French) 

I would like to congratulate you, I would like  to ask you whether it is possible for Jeremy to join you  again next week from Monday to Thursday (Friday we go on vacation!). If so, tplease send me the schedule. He is really happy with this course! … Jeremy's Mum Adoland (translated from French)

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