Learn empathy using Lego (7-12 years)

In this article we share some of the KidooLand Secret Sauce .. activities that kids absolutely adore because we are entering into their world .. using equipment they want to be playing with ....first up is LEGO!

(Lisez en français - Read in French)

Read on to find out how we used this famous toy to teach children empathy . How children then learn about blind people, the struggle of colour blindness and the challenges for the partially sighted ..

This is just one of the thousands of activities we have done with our lucky KidooKids as part of their English language lessons .. yes you read that right .. we are "just " teaching English but we LOVE to take language learning to a deeper level.

Here are two activities we have done with a group of primary and younger college children age 7-12 years old.

The first group was an all boy group.. which sometimes can be high energy and requires careful planning .. oh and a lot of lego :-)

We set up the classroom so we could have two teams of children with a large screen separating the teams so that they couldn’t see each other. We used a table but you could just as easily do this on the floor.