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Teenagers breakout of LockOut!


Keeping teenagers occupied and off their screens is always a challenge for parents.

This is why some of us got together and created a Facebook group called Teen Riviera.

It is aimed at teens and their parents, a place to share ideas and information for things they can do ideally off screens!

Last weekend we decided to take a group of teens to test a fairly new venture in Antibes called LockedOut.

The concept is simple you are locked in a room and you need to get out!

We chose to test the Shakespeare theme and with the countdown set to 60 minutes, off the little Sherlocks went exploring the room and looking for clues.

Unbeknown to them they were being watched by the organizer over the CCTV , who was able via an intercom system to hear and speak to them. They heard encouragement when they were getting “hot” and could be redirected when “cold , much to the observing parents’ hilarity.

We obviously wouldn’t want to give any of the clues and surprises away but suffice to say our intrepid teenagers set to deciphering the clues that enabled them to open the padlocks.

There is a leader board displaying the best times to beat which certainly motivates the teams to work hard and not lose a second and if they don't make it to the leader board to come back and better their time.

Interestingly the organisers of this venture told us that it was originally set up to appeal to adults and one can see that is indeed the perfect team building activity or alternative Christmas party.

We observed adults in an adjoining differently themed room tackling all the clues with equal enthusiasm!

So it has been an unexpected side success that it is also a agreat venue for a birthday party for the discerning adolescent and we think the perfect outing for AdoLand in 2016!

Acces: Easy it is a couple of minutes from the Carrefour Hypermarket in Antibes

Parking We found free parking right next door

Cost: From 17 euros for 1 hour, slightly higher for peak times.


Feedback from the teens “It was awesome! Everyone was talking about it at school the next day and I just want to say thank you Teen Riviera for suggesting it!”

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