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Al Roberts #blahblah chats music Voile d'Antibes, Fete de la Musique, 1 max de bruit with the Riviera Firefly

March 16, 2017

**NEW EPISODE** Al Roberts front man of the band BLAH BLAH ..all round cool dude drops into the Riviera Firefly "studio" to chat Rock concerts in La Gaude and his journey to #cotedazurnow #1maxdebruit #blahblah #rivierafirefly





Chalkpainting on wooden furniture with Atelier Autentic

January 01, 2020

South African duo Hein and Witzie share the artisitic love!

TITLE: Atelier Autentic duo Hein and Wietzie talk Furniture painting, chalk paints

SERIES: Lifestyle and health



In this Riviera Firefly Episode 8 Antonia talks with Hein and Wietzie from Atelier Autentic. We cover their background and what they did before coming to "live the cream" in the sunny South of France. They are living proof that you can feel the fear and do it anyway changing career directions and relocating.


Thanks Hein and Wietzie Geber it was as always a pleasure ;-) ...



The Beach: http://www.plages.tv/detail/plage-de-l-escalet-ramatuelle-83350

The books: https://www.fantasticfiction.com/j/robert-jordan/

Antonia Beauvoisin Entrepreneur and Mum

January 01, 2020

The apps that make life easier! What do I use to help work and homelife as a busy mum and worker easier to manage!

TITLE:  Riviera Firefly talks with Antonia from KidooLand and the Riviera Firefly.

SERIES: Busy mums and small businesses get organised.

EPISODE: Our sponsor KidooLand celebrates their 10th anniversary this month!


Riviera Firefly podcast is your online show where we chat about  living on and visiting the French Riviera and the Côte d'Azur. 


We cover topics such as Education for children and adults, Places to visit, Health and lifestyle, hobbies and leisure and have lots of fun here in the Alpes Maritimes. We also talk to inspiring local entrepreneurs and small businesses about how they started their careers in France, dealing with administration and what brought them here in the first place. Topical issues such as Brexit and what this means to expats will also be covered in 2017. Our online directory and magazine can be found on www.rivierafirefly.com

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Wordswag (app)

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OurPact recommended by Jamie Oliver


Lizzy Parks Jazz and Soul singer and Musical educationalist speaks to Riviera Firefly

January 01, 2020

TITLE:  Riviera Firefly talks with Lizzy Parks

SERIES: Lifestyle and Healthy living


In this Riviera Firefly Episode 6 Antonia talks withLizzy Parks Composer, performer, musical educator and mum! 

Grazia magazine said she is “La Cannoise a suivre .. The Cannes Girl to follow..” and BBC Radio 2s Jamie Callum agrees saying she is a fantastic jazz singer… definitely one to watch from now on, she’s got a great voice and she’s a great songwriter as well

As well as renown performer and composer she also works in education for both children and adults which is how I met her originally and in fact my husband trains with her Big Blaze Chorus which we will talk about later..

Other performing groups that Lizzy collaborates with are Lizzy and the Gentlemen and the superb vintage 50s styled The Sundown sisters.


.. why not join Lizzy chorus go to bigblazechorus.com


Need a fabulous band for an event (corporate, marriage , special occasion etc ) 

www.lizzyandthegentlemen.com there are some great videos you can look and listen to how they transform some classics and don’t forget too thesundownsisters.com for the 50s glamour swing trio.


Jamie Callum’s advice piqued your interest then you will need lizzyparks.com to checkout her sultry back catalogue.

Thanks for listening Fireflies.


MIDEM International Music Congress..



L’Ecrin Plage Cannes



Lizzy Parks You tube links https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=lizzy%20parks



Real Thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDcpHsCX0w0


Raise the Roof : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejSJhT5v3dQ


This episode was sponsored by www.kidooland.com The little English School in Sophia Antipolis on the French Riviera


www.rivierafirefly.com Copyright 2017.

Julia Edgeley Homeopath Naturapath and Green Goddess chats with Antonia and the Riviera Firefly

January 01, 2020

TITLE:  Riviera Firefly Podcast meets Julia Edgeley

SERIES:  Lifestyle and Health series


On Today’s Riviera firefly Episode 5 podcast is part of the Health and lifestyle series Antonia talks with Julia Edgeley homeopath, naturopath kinesiologist and a speaker in health retreats. We were faced this week with sickness, super strong winds and a host of technology challenges hence the slight echo ..we had to edit out the black outs!  (when will good fibre internet access be here?!) but the message is important on getting healthy, looking after your body as you’ve only got one.







http://www.beyond.fr/villages/pontloup.html (For the walks near the Loup)


This episode was sponsored by www.kidooland.com The little English School in Sophia Antipolis on the French Riviera


#aloevera #juliaedgeley #homeopathy #cleanyourbeautyroutine #rivierafirefly

4: French schools from a teen perspective Cesar and Fenelon

May 28, 2023

Attending French schools - from a child's perspective Firefly Cote d'Azur Episode 4

3: [Education series] les Sections Internationales en français

January 01, 2020

Dans ce podcast Episode 3 de Riviera Firefly nous partageons de choses que j’ai appris sur les sections internationales (anglais) de Trois Collines et Sartoux Primaire sont gère par ASEICA - Association pour le soutien de l'Enseignement...

2: [Education series] Primary International section tests

January 03, 2023

Passing the International Test to Sartoux, Trois Collines, CIV, Fenelon part 1. Riviera Firefly Episode 2

1: [Education series] CIV and Fenelon Examinations

February 23, 2023

Introduction preparing and passing the CIV and Fenelon International examinations Episode 1, Riviera Firefly

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