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Hello Kidoo's Here is our team December message and information while you Deck the Halls with boughs of Holly – this is my favourite time of year – do I say this every month?? This month we share some So British Christmas ideas, educational applications for children evaluations in schools is it positive for children? NEW download workbooks to prepare for International Tests the online NEW English for Adults JOIN THE KIDOOLAND COMMUNITY You have chosen to expose your child to English – to help your child even more, join our free online community where you can exchange with more parents and families like you! Here we post ideas and events to encourage you to develop English more. For members

Listen Audio Fine Wines and Champagnes Christmas Festive and Yachts

THIS EPISODE Fine wines and champagnes with VSF the yacht suppliers is the discussion of the day on the Riviera Firefly podcast. Claire Mottershaw from VSF- Vin Sans Frontiers chats champagnes, prosecco and fine wines and what to have on the festive table. She takes us through her business journey and what makes VSF the supplier with a difference ? the one that the Chief Steward Stewardess and Captain should be looking for. We cover family life and how being your own boss can get you off the hamster wheel. WE DISCUSS How did VSF start Claire’s background before coming to France Wine versus water What to do when you hit a glass ceiling Wine as an Asset class Bond Walthamstow Wine cellar Which

A So British Christmas!!

It is that time of year! It's my favourite time of year .. or maybe I say that every month ! CHRISTMAS COOKING Antonia made the Tropical Cake this year – we will see and report back on what it tastes like ! She always uses the Good Housekeeping recipes or Delia Smith! If you want to make a Christmas Cake you need to do it now as it needs time to mature! Here are some of our favourite recipes and if you want to practise your English why not watch the VIDEO HERE For the Icing, marzipan (and Mince Pies!!) think about going to Brittains Supermarket in Valbonne or Geoffrey’s in Antibes. DECORATING Decorating your house …for that typical British or Anglo feel there is no better place to look tha

International Examinations - E-Book à télécharger 'Packages Cocoon' cahiers d'activités

À KidooLand, nous savons que l'éducation de votre enfant est importante. Nous savons que c'est un vrai avantage pour un enfant d'être bilingue en anglais. Une solution est d'aller à une école internationale soit EBICA, ISN ou Mougins pour les options privées ou les sections internationales à Fenelon et le programme ASEICA dans le CIV. Vous pouvez également envisager les sections européennes. Ecoutez mon audio podcast (c'est gratuit!) avec des consignes et astuces pour bien préparer votre enfant. TÉMOIGNAGE D'UN CLIENT QUI A PARTICIPÉ AU COURS DE PRÉPARATION HIVERNALE POUR LE CIV «Un immense merci pour tout ce que vous et votre équipe avez fait pour aider notre fils de 10 ans à rentrer dans


(Français en dessous) KidooLand runs in the February and April (if dates work) holidays preparation classes for : - for children in CM2 wishing to take the tests for the English International Sections to enter into 6eme college class. - for children in Grande Section in Maternelle preparing to take the test to enter into Primary CP class. This is not for beginners. A prerequisite is that we know the level of your child either you are attending a regular class or you come to meet one of the team for a test. The holiday preparation classes can in no way guarantee entry to these schools as so many factors must be considered. Think of this as your last minute booster .. a way to practice typic

Positivity the key to success, useful apps, bilingual study & Thanksgiving.

November Newsletter Hello, Autumn is here or “Fall” as they say in America – I love this time of year where the leaves turn golden! As I am part American we have a family Thanksgiving tradition ..we had a fabulous moment with the grandparents down to the toddlers, uncles and aunts and all the cousins this weekend sharing some gratitude with one another and thanking them for kind actions – why not try it over sunday lunch next time you are together it is very powerful! I will be sharing more tips and tools for you to use in our free facebook community group Please join if you want to hear more and want to share with us. TO READ I thought you might be interested on this study – Bilingual todd

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