My family and other animals ..Adopting a refuge dog - what I didn't know..

So we moved to the country a couple of years back .. with this came a large garden and suddenly I found myself wanting lots of animals .. now you didn't know me when I was young but I wasn't a huge animal fan .. In the 80s I had Harry the hamster but he used to bite me and was basically quite boring in the day so I sold him for a fiver (5gbp). My sister got to look after the class gerbil which went OK until he died of a heart attack :-( and then we won fish in the local fair which was great until we had to clean the tanks which quite frankly I found disgusting and so used to do this with washing up gloves on! One day when visiting the property of a super rich sheik with my Dad who was doing

Make a BF BFF through mum and Baby/Toddler activities

Why did I Set up KidooLand and it's Mum and Baby Clubs? In 2007, Great Britain, America and Australia were leaders in offering a whole range of activities for the under 3s. France wasn't! When I arrived here in 2004 with a baby and toddler on each hip I started looking to join up to classes so I could entertain the babes and meet other mums...where they could paint in someone else's place than on my own walls (yes that happened!) From music, to tumble tots, yoga to dance, art to pottery painting the list in endless . Imagine my shock when actually there was no Tumble Tots in the village hall, no sing and sign in the church hall ..there were a few English mum and baby groups but a good drive

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