The Nutcracker Ballet & Sleeping Beauty

Well Christmas is almost amongst us! I know .. for some of you this will be much too early but if like me you love twinkling lights and the sound of sleigh bells then this festive period can't come soon enough!! Here are the top 3 that made it to our calender... Christmas Carols .. Well we are being blessed this year there are several to choose from! On Thursday 3rd September kicking the season off we have Lizzy Parks and her Big Blaze Chorus performing in the English church in Cannes .. Then on the Sunday 6th December at 17h there is a Carol Concert in the St Blaise Church - the Sweet Seven troup (actually eight members!) perform a concert with jazz, harmony and classic versions of season

Arts Ambassador Cote d'Azur

It is great living in the South of France with the endless blue skies, beautiful countryside and the mountains and Mediterranean isn’t it? If there was anything I missed coming from Brighton and London in England I would say it was some English Culture and by this I don’t mean Sky TV! Of course France does have excellent culture particularly in this area after all Picasso, Monet and their artistic friends were all regular visitors to the area. We have some splendid monuments to visit and historical sites right on our doorstep with just a short ride away across the border cultural delights such as Florence, Rome and in the other direction Barcelona. Yes we are lucky I know. If you know me wel

Teenagers breakout of LockOut!

THE ADOLAND TEENS TEST LOCK OUT Keeping teenagers occupied and off their screens is always a challenge for parents. This is why some of us got together and created a Facebook group called Teen Riviera. It is aimed at teens and their parents, a place to share ideas and information for things they can do ideally off screens! Last weekend we decided to take a group of teens to test a fairly new venture in Antibes called LockedOut. The concept is simple you are locked in a room and you need to get out! We chose to test the Shakespeare theme and with the countdown set to 60 minutes, off the little Sherlocks went exploring the room and looking for clues. Unbeknown to them they were being watched b

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